Studio Policy

Follow the policies below to help  MakerLabs  effectively manage the studio spaces and provide a quality service to all members. Violations may result in refusal of service and/or membership cancellation.

  1. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis and there are no waiting lists

            1.1 Available spaces are offered in the following order:

                    1.1.1. Adjacent studio members (via email)

                    1.1.2. All other members (via newsletter and social media)

                    1.1.3. Public

  1. Only current members may have studios

  2. A Studio Member who solely rents 250 sqft or greater may gain 24/7 access privileges upon approval from MakerLabs. This cannot be obtained through coalitions of members.

  3. Studio privilege does not create a landlord/tenant relationship. It is not a sublet or rental of any kind.

  4. Studios may not be used as a member’s residence

  5. Studios are permitted to have opaque walls no higher than 4 feet. Sections higher than 4 feet must allow significant transmission of light (at the discretion of the MakerLabs staff)

  6. MakerLabs is not responsible for theft or damage to property

  7. MakerLabs reserves the right to relocate studios to an equivalently sized space at any time for any reason

  8. MakerLabs reserves the right to cancel studio privileges at any time for any reason. In such cases, MakerLabs will provide a refund of prorated studio fees

  9. Studio space must be returned to original condition at time of exit

  10. Studio owners with payments that are more than 30 days late will have their studio cancelled. Items will be confiscated, recycled or dumped and fees will be charged back to the studio owner.

  11. Studio Affiliates: 

            11.1. Studio owners may have no more than 1 studio affiliates per 50 sq/ft of studio space upon approval of MakerLabs

            11.2. Studio affiliates are granted 12-9pm access 7 days per week

            11.3. Studio affiliates may use MakerLabs’ tools, but at the drop-in rate and need to attend all required workshops prior to using any of MakerLabs tools. Classes can be taken at the member’s rate.

            11.5. If the member falls out of good standing, the sponsored studio affiliates will be forfeit as well