Dog Policy

Dogs at MakerLabs are an important part of our emotional and mental wellness. They support us, help us create, and belong to our community as furry family members. That being said, bad dog manners can ruin the experience for everyone, so please follow these policies and procedures.

Dog Etiquette:
  • No barking, jumping, or destructive behaviour
  • If your pooch has an accident, please clean up after your dog immediately
  • No chewing or eating of any errant materials around MakerLabs. They don't belong to your dog no matter how chewy it looks.
  • Keep your dog out of other member's studios always. If this requires your dog to be on a leash, then keep them leashed.

Doggy Discipline System
  • First step: a written warning from the Community Management team about poor dog etiquette
  • Second step: keeping your dog leashed at all times and either with you, or tethered within your studio or fellow member
  • Third warning: ban for 6 months from MakerLabs for behaviour improvement