Member Policy

Follow the policy below to ensure that members and staff are respected and able to conduct their work effectively in a safe environment. Violations may result in refusal of service and/or membership cancellation.

  1. Abide by the MakerLabs Code of Conduct

  2. Listen to and follow all directions of the MakerLabs staff

  3. MakerLabs contains tools that can cause serious bodily harm up to and including death. All activities are taken at your own risk.

  4. Members/Users may be harmed by the negligence of other people. In such cases, the affected Members/Users agree to hold MakerLabs harmless.

  5. Do not enter or take items from members’ studios without their permission.

  6. Label your own tools and materials. All materials stored at MakerLabs are stored at your own risk.  MakerLabs takes no responsibility for a Member’s lost, damaged or stolen property.

  7. MakerLabs does not guarantee the availability and maintenance of its tools.

  8. All members with 24hr/7day access are required to receive a closing orientation before receiving FOBs, and they must secure the building before leaving outside of business hours (even if others are still inside).  Refer to closing checklist posted on the Member Wiki.

  9. No member may provide their FOB to any other person for access to MakerLabs. Violators are subject to FOB access suspension or revocation of FOB access.

  10. Main floor: no activities allowed that create more than minor amounts of dust, fumes, or nuisance noise

  11. Second floor: no activities allowed that create dust, fumes, or nuisance noise

  12. Do not use the conveyor belt without staff permission

  13. All members must notify MakerLabs immediately if their keys/fobs are lost, stolen or missing.

  14. Failure to abide by these policies may result in immediate ejection from MakerLabs and a cancellation of all privileges without refund.

  15. MakerLabs reserves the right to cancel any membership and studios at any time for any reason.

  16. Membership includes:

    1. Seven days a week access to MakerLabs from 12 - 9pm unless otherwise notified

    2. 60 minutes of DIY machine time (laser cutter, ShopBot router, etc.) per month once orientation class is completed.

    3. Note: Use of MakerLabs' tools require tool-specific orientation classes at additional cost. See the the MakerLabs web site for schedule and cost.

  17. Membership is subject to cancellation if payments are late

    1. Regular members must cancel membership 7 days before the renewal day by sending an email to

    2. Studio members must cancel membership 30 days before the renewal day by sending an email to

    3. MakerLabs reserves the right to cancel my membership and studio privileges at any time for any reason.

  18. Non-member guests are allowed under the following circumstances:

    1. guests must sign in at the front desk and sign a liability waiver

    2. guests must be accompanied at all times

    3. guests cannot enter the space more than 5 times per month per individual

    4. guests cannot use MakerLabs' tools

    5. no more than 4 guests allowed at the same time (except with staff permission)

    6. members will not allow anybody except accompanying guests access to MakerLabs

    7. members assume all liability for accompanying guests and are responsible for ensuring guests complete a liability waiver

    8. if access is needed beyond guest allowances, they can be a studio affiliate.

  19. Members are responsible for removing their personal items and large project materials from the premises. Members are subject to a fine for dumping large items at MakerLabs.