Workshop Short Term Storage

Projects and materials are to be stored inside members' studio spaces and/or designated short term storage areas. 

For storage outside studio spaces, members must set up short term storage at the front desk. Projects are stored at your own risk. MakerLabs takes no responsibility for a Member’s lost, damaged or stolen property. Members are responsible for removing their personal items and large project materials from the premises. 

MakerLabs reserves the right to move anything within its walls at any time for any reason.

Short Term Storage Procedures

  •  Storage of projects is rented at $1 per square foot per week with a minimum of $10

How to set up short term storage:

  • See the community managers at the front desk with measurements of the occupied floor space
  • The community managers will get you fill out a Short-Term Storage Tag and to set up a weekly recurring payment
  • Place the top half (Part A) of the short-term storage tag on your project. Give the bottom section (Part B) to the front desk.  
  • After you have removed your project from short term storage, return your storage tag to the front desk to stop further storage fees. 
Where can you store projects short-term:
  • Short-term storage area
  • In flex-spaces not being used for events or upcoming events (ask front desk)
Where you can NOT store projects
  • Fire exits
  • Pathways/Hallways
  • In other people's studio spaces without permission


  • If we know the owner of a project in a communal space, we will photograph the item and send them a reminder. After one day, we notify the owner that they are being fined $10 per day in addition to regular short term storage rates.  The outstanding amounts can be resolved at the front desk. 
  • After three days, if storage is not paid for and registered with the front desk the project and/or material will be disposed of with all costs going back to the owners account.