Members are subject to the following fees (plus tax):

  1. Membership late payment penalty is 25% after two weeks (this includes studio payments as well)

  2. Excessive utility usage: case by case. Electricity is metered at $0.16 per kwh

  3. Tools

    1. Triggering the table saw brake (sawstop): $250

    2. Failing to turn on the laser cutter support systems: $250

    3. Breaking a laser tube: $1250

    4. CNC bit damage/breakage: $40 or more (depending on the bit)

    5. Band saw blade damage/breakage: $40

    6. Cutting into the CNC Router Table Bed by greater than 2mm: $50

    7. $10 per individual piece of metal (nail head, screws, etc) that enters wood tools (10 nails = $100)

  4. Dumping: $120 for a full waste bin or a percentage that it fills
  5. Receiving & Handling Fee: $20