MakerLabs Industries Policy

Follow the policies below to help MakerLabs effectively manage the studio spaces and provide a quality service to all MakerLabs Industries Space Occupants and Fob Holders. Non adherence to the policy or causing a vulnerability to building security may result in refusal of service and/or eviction.

Note. MakerLabs Industries and MakerLabs are different buildings. A Studio Occupant or Key Fob Holder of MakerLabs Industries must purchase additional membership\drop-in at MakerLabs for access to the labs and workspaces at 780 East Cordova. 

  1.    Security
    1.1    Don't leave the doors open. If you're moving stuff and need to prop the door temporarily, always stay within sight of the door.
    1.2    No open flames or fires are permitted without permission.

  2. Studio Space 
    2.1    Studio space is available on a first-come, first-served basis (there are no waiting lists). 
    2.2    Studio privilege does not create a landlord/tenant relationship. It is not a sublet or rental of any kind.
    2.3    Studios may not be used as a residence. No overnight sleeping is permitted.
    2.4    50% of the circumference surrounding a studio space must be translucent or less than 4 feet in height.
    2.5    All belongings, tools and structures constructed must remain within the perimeter of the studio space.
    2.6    Studio space is accessibl
    e to MakerLabs Industries Fob Holders anytime it is safe to do so.
    2.7    The minimum studio size is 125 square feet. Studio space is $2.50/sqft and office space is $3.00/sqft.

  3.    MakerLabs
    3.1    MakerLabs is not responsible for theft or damage to property.
    3.2    MakerLabs reserves the right to relocate studios to an equivalently sized space at any time for any reason.
    3.3    MakerLabs reserves the right to cancel studio privileges at any time for any reason. In such cases, MakerLabs will provide a refund of prorated studio fees.
    3.4    MakerLabs will give a minimum of six months notice for any changes in rates.

  4.    MakerLabs Industries Studio Space Occupant Responsibilities
    4.1    Studio Space Occupants can take up only their allocated spaced and must ensure all hallways are clear.
    4.2    Studio Space Occupants must contain their own dust and noise to a reasonable level.
    4.3    Studio Space Occupants must contain all fumes and maintain a scent neutral environment. 
    4.4    Studio Space Occupants are responsible for the safety of their space and any effect their space may have on the building and/or other spaces.
    4.5    Studio Space Occupants must ensure the fire sprinkler are not blocked or damaged

  5.    MakerLabs Industries Key Fob Holder Responsibilities (Note: Studio Space Occupants are also Fob Holders)
    5.1    Each fob is associated to a person a
    nd MakerLabs must have their name and contact details.
    5.2    Fobs can not be shared, lent, or borrowed. Nor are fobs communal. 
    5.3    One door fob is included per 125 sq ft of rented space. Additional fobs can be purchased for a total maximum number of 1 fob per 125 sq ft of rented space.
    5.4    All fob holders must adhere to MakerLabs Code if Conduct (
    5.5     Key fob holders must complete an orientation.
    5.6     Key fob holders must know 
    the location of:       

    the 3 fire exits,
    the fire sprinkler shut-off switch, which is located in the back of the basement (this is important to tell fire fighters),
    the 4 circuit breakers, and 
    the first-aid kit.
    5.7    Key fob holders leaving must perform a closing round to ensure building security and specifically that:
    all doors are closed and secure,
    heat is off,
    lights are off, and
    no visitors are left unattended

  6.    Visitors
    6.1    Visitors may gain access to MakerLabs Industries only with the supervision of a fob owner.
    6.2    A MakerLabs Industries fob owner who is supervising a visitor is responsible for them within the space. This includes:

    any damage they cause,
    their own health and safety, and
    adherence to the MakerLabs Code of Conduct (

  7.    Cancellation
    7.1    Studio space occupants must give one months notice for cancellation via email to
    7.2    Studio space must be returned to original condition at time of exit.
    7.3    Studio occupants who are more than 15 days late with payment will incur a 25% late fee.
    7.4    Studio occupants with pa
    yments that are more than 30 days late may have their studio cancelled. Items will be confiscated, recycled or dumped and fees will be charged back to the studio occupant.

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