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2017 - Summer


Introducing the MakerLabs Wiki 

This is a resource for members to learn about our policies, tool information, safety and security as well as information to help new members get oriented. Find the MakerLabs Wiki at

Booking Space & Tools
Tools for booking the Laser Cutter, CNC Router, Flex space and 2cnd Floor Boardroom are available on the our public web site go to for more information

Trello Tool Maintenance System

Our tool maintenance ticketing system is now public so members can see the status of tools. Members are able to read the information on the tickets but not able to comment at this time. Please send any requests or comments regarding tools to

If you are in the Woodshop and need to share information about a tool write it on the white board. Our Community Managers will make sure Trello is updated.

Find a link to Trello on the Wiki under Tool Information > Tool Maintenance

Who's Who at MakerLabs?

Did you make a new friend at MakerLabs and forget their name? Check out the Staff pics and Members gallery on our public web site.  This section will be undergoing some changes in the future but for now this is what we've got!

Bike Parking

As you have all seen, we have a fancy new bike parking lot. This is for people commuting to and from MakerLabs and is not available for long-term storage. We will be monitoring this area so please remove your bike if you are storing it here long-term.


As members you are welcome to send packages and mail here, however MakerLabs takes no responsibility for the security of your mail and does not have the resources to notify you when a package has arrived. Members are welcome to put their business cards or names on a slot for their mail.

Cleaning Up

We understand what its like to be mid-project at the end of a long day, nevertheless we are making an effort to clean up MakerLabs so that our common spaces are available for everyone to use. Please clean up your projects before you leave the building so that other people can use the space. MakerLabs moving forward will be make big efforts to play their part in keeping the space clean and clutter free.

Co-Working Space

We will be setting up a co-working space upstairs. Details to be announced in the Fall.

Woodshop Update

  • Woodshop Refresh

    • Amazing success!

    • We tried to listen to all the issues that came up in the last town hall

    • Gathered a focus group to discuss the challenges and possible solutions

    • Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who executed the solutions and changes

  • Woodshop 2.0

    • Addition of a whiteboard

      • Communication about tools or notes to each other

    • Homes for things *we will make laser cut signs*

      • Shop vacs

      • Machines

    • Free Wood Area

      • We need members’ help to manage it

      • This can’t become a dumping ground

    • Project Parking Area

      • Drying, etc.

      • Naming..?

      • Label items

      • Policy still in the works about using this area

    • Sanding Room

      • How to get power into that space

      • Putting up plastic around the area

      • Still figuring out how to sound dampen

Tool Maintenance

  • Bandsaw

    • Regular

      • Will be covered more in depth in Woodshop 102
      • BYOBlade

        • We recommend buying blades at "Ultimate Tools" and "Quality Knife and Saw" or ""
    • Resaw Bandsaw

      • Taught in Woodshop 102 where we teach people how to change the blades

      • Issue: You are supposed to be checking the tension continuously, and at the end of the day you are supposed to de-tension it

      • We were replacing blades once a week

    • Proposal: 

      • We will offer free bi-weekly bandsaw orientations to those who already have Woodshop 101
        • Putting on blades, taking off blades, and tuning
        • These will start mid-August
    • *Feedback:

      • Q: Ceramic blocks wear the blades - can we switch them to something else?

        • A: We moved to bearings, but these have worn down too

      • Q: Maybe we can subdivide the Woodshop 101 into skill levels?

        • A: Will discuss further about how to advertise/sort different levels

  • Full-time Technician
    • The cost of the tools doesn't balance with what the cost of a tech would be
      • It is more cost effective to fix and replace tools than hire a tech to look after them (and maybe have to replace them anyway)
  • Fix-Time
      • MakerLabs' commitment is to have tools fixed within one month
        • This is why we need help with communicating when tools get broken

Q&A  with Derek  

  • Supplies for Sale

    • Member comment: Would be happy to buy supplies through us- is this something that will be expanded?

      • A: we sell sanding pads and small items, but we only sell off cuts and misc. Materials (off-shoot of fabrication)

  • Shop Cat?

    • Needs to catch mice - deal with the rat problem

    • Concerns were raised about cat in the woodshop (near tools), and members’ dogs

      • Everyone seems to be happy with the idea

      • We will need to get this out to all the members so someone with allergies or other issues can veto

  • Bathrooms - In addition to the bathrooms the cleaning team is responsible for:

    • Cleaning up outside: trash, needles, feces, etc

    • Trash, recycling consolidation

    • Mopping

    • Sweeping

    • Sawdust

    • For the price we pay it is difficult to find people to do this job so at this time our cleaning staff will remain and if members have specific requests contact

Lightning Talks

Katie McDonald - Infusions - What grows together goes together! A very cool talk about how to turn not so great alcohol into a fancy flavoured infusion. Thank you for the demonstration Katie!

Dimitri - Robotics Makes Learning Cool Again - Seeing technology come to life with robotics changed Dimitri's view of school and learning. His passion for the "stuff of sci-fi" and the competitive cutting-edge culture inspired Dimitri to leave the smokers pit and excel in his studies. Today he is head of the Robotics

Justin - Incentivised Volunteering - People often question why big organizations need volunteers when they can afford to pay people. This organization pays volunteers with food and drink vouchers from local businesses to inspire people to lend a helping hand. Volunteering becomes mutually beneficial for the businesses and the volunteers. 19+

MakerLabs Film  - Making signs - Jeremy

Robert - Measuring Things - Its easy to get caught up in tools and technology to get things done. Robert explores what it means to simply look at things and trust our own eye. He leaves us with three things: look at your work, believe what you see, and act on what you see