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2019 - Spring

Ehtiopian Food from Axum: 

Welcome! - Marc

Space Upgrades - Marc
We installed a barrier between the metal shop and CNC room
ACM Laser tracking system up and running - it uses your door fob
Spark Lab and Soft Lab Cleanup
New spaces (Design Lab, Materials Lib.)
Kitchen upgrade, we are still working on further improvements.

New Tools - Alyssa
New Table saw: Will not be the primary tablesaw, members will need to read the manual and ask for clearance for using
Drill press: This will replace all the other drill presses. The older ones will be taken away for scrap. To get access to the new drill press, members must read manual and take the quiz.
Brad Nailer: Pneumatic Brad Nailer: Kept behind front desk and signed out- takes 18 gauge nails.

New Staff
Pedro - Fabrication Team
Dennis - Fabrication Team
Heather - CM Team

Education Update - Adrian
We have increased Frequency of classes
We want to make it so that members can teach classes
New Classes! Sewing, TIG

Program Updates
Tools for Women: we have a monthly meet-up & are always accepting applications - Alyssa
Industries: Still space available! - Alyssa

Policy Reminders - Marc
No halogen or incandescent light, we like LED
No spraying in the loading bay - even if it's cold outside, you can spray in the spray booth in the West Alley, it is not bookable at this time. Ask the community managers about places to leave it to dry. 
No fuel can be kept indoors. There is a designated area in the West Loading Bay for it 
Short Term Storage: no free overnight anymore, you must ask the community manager for approval.
Rate increase for new members and studios only

Q&A with Derek
Moths have appeared in upstairs and is affecting several studio, the fabric may be a source.
-We will need to investigate the source and perhaps add deterrents such as cedar or moth balls.

Suggestion for an ice machine:
-We don't see a need for one that this time

Any new tools on the horizon?
-We are looking at purchasing a metal (fiber) laser cutter. We have recently gotten a new TIG welder.

The MetalLab gets less attention than the WoodLab
-Yes, they is true, we are open to suggestions on how we can improve the space and if members want to steward it. What suggestions do you have?
Better Organization, overall cleanliness, Vertical Bandsaw Coolant, Signage for Recycling Bins.

Where should we work on projects in the WoodLab
-The north end of the WoodLab on the movable tables. We can mark off clearance around the machines.

Would we be looking at getting more space?
-We have industries, and we have been dealing and learning from those challenges, such as managing members and storage issues, so we aren't ready for more space quite yet.

What about more bike parking?
-That is something we can look into getting, we realize it is not enough for during the summertime.

Lightning Talks

Adrian - learning bike Maintenance the hard way
Darran & Seiji - Green Building Model
Kailey & Steve - Tuft & Paw
K.M St Pierre,
Mar 3, 2019, 7:06 PM
K.M St Pierre,
Mar 3, 2019, 7:06 PM