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2018 - Spring

May 10, 2018 - Member’s Town Hall


  • BBQ Social

  • Lightning Talks

  • Announcements
  • Q & A with Derek

  • ML Industries
  • ML Front Desk Stewards
  • Womens Maker Residency
  • New Fob Policy
  • Short Term Storage
  • Parking
  • Recycling
  • Housekeeping \ New Tool Sign-out Process
  • Woodshop Update
  • Feedback from Members

Lightning Talks 7:15 - 7:45

  • Richard Manley - Guerrilla Entrepreneurialism - merging broad-mindedness with creativity and capitalism.

  • Steven Sal Debus - The Maker Launch Project - Local crowdfunder and inventor of the jean hanger, Steve Sal Debus, is putting together a group to take an idea from concept to crowdfunding.

  • Adrian - Hour Community - Every one of us has unique skills and gifts to share. Hour Community is a social platform connecting people who help each other with services.

  • Skyler - Nike Grind Design Challenge -  With this challenge brought to us by openIDEO, the Nike Grind Design Jam is meant to explore ideas with sustainable thinkers, designers, and other field experts to come up with a tangible proposal.

  • Andrew - Fabricator Tips & Tricks  - Best practices from MakerLabs Lead Fabricator


  • Hard Close of MakerLabs Thursday May 24  - Power will be shut-off for maintenance. Please contact hello@makerlabs if you have a mission critical need to access the building.
  • Culture Crawl (Corinne)
    • 2018 Early Bird Registration runs May 7 to June 8, 2018 - $135 + GST ($141.75 total)
    • Register AFTER Friday, June 8 at 5PM - $175 + GST ($183.75 total)
    • Artists registering after September 14 will not be listed in the printed program. 
    • November 9 is the final deadline for NEW artists to submit applications.  RETURNING artists may register up until November 15.

  • Haeccity & Vancouver Design Week - Sat May 12 | 12pm - 4pm
    • [Design Studios] Haeccity Studio Architecture's work is situated at the intersection of art, architecture and planning. Find out what we've been up to, view our award winning proposal for the Missing Middle Competition, and test play our latest prototype: a collaborative board game demonstrating how together we can make an impact on housing affordability.

Q & A with Derek

  • How do we secure the ML Industries building? Garage door, and windows need to be secured to prevent unauthorized access. Issue noted and Community Managers to address
  • Are we renting parking paces to non-members? Yes 4 spaces over at ML Industries building and 2 spaces in the ML parking lot.
  • What are the plans for the woodshop loading bay? ML did not have a permit for the permanent dock built on the loading bay and was requested to remove it. We will aim to build a more temporary version when resources are available. Timing TBD.
  • Is ML open to collaboration with other maker spaces eg Brittania Ship Yard? Yes we are happy to collaborate with other maker spaces if their is an opportunity.

Community Updates

  • MakerLabs Industries - Adrian

    • It is up and running and is over 80% full

    • How is it different:

      • You do not have to be a member to have studio space at MakerLabs: Industries, but you have no access to the communal workspaces at MakerLabs

      • There are no communal spaces at MakerLabs: Industries

      • Every key holder has 24 hour access

      • We need minimum one month notice for cancellation

    • The permit should come within two months

  • Front Desk Stewardship Program - Adrian

    • We have just launched and are training the first three front desk stewards

    • Front desk stewards will be present at the front desk once a week for 6 hours in exchange for membership

    • This will provide front desk reception support so the Community Managers may on community projects and improvements

  • Tools for Women - Women Makers Residency - Hanna Benihoud

    • Recognizing a need for more female presence in the maker world Hanna Benihoud launched this residency to educate women in fabrication
    • 2 month residency focussed on tool education and mentorship
    • Currently booked until October 2018. Contact Hanna if you would like to learn more or get on the wait list!
  • New Fob Policy - Natalie

    • To better serve members and tighten security in the building we will be locking the front door
      and offering all Members a fob so they may enter during operating hours.
    • All members are requested to obtain a blue fob for a $50 deposit and have their photo taken by the Community Managerss

    • If you already have a blue fob for the side door you do not need to take any further action

  • Short Term Storage - Alyssa.

    • From the Suggestion Box - Why are we being charged storage when ML leaves supplies and junk everywhere!? Please treat us with respect and clean up your extra supplies (anon)

    • CMs will be charging Fabricators for items left in common areas to incentivize fabricators to honour the Short Term Storage policy.
    • You must fill out a Short Term Storage slip and get approval from a CM to store things overnight.

General Updates (Ayssa)

  • Parking

  • The Parking in our lot is not always available, it is on a first come basis & no overnight is allowed. We are going to start collecting please give us your license plate so it can be more secure

  • Recycling Comments

    • Suggestion Box - Hi! I really think the space needs recycle bins specifically for cans and bottles. People keep putting them in the garbage and general recycle is always full. I bet that if they were saved that bottle pickers in the community would take them away and appreciate it :)

    • ML has mixed recycling and has attached signage to all recylcing boxes
    • We now can recycle Acrylic, Styrofoam, Clear Plastic Film & PET
  • Housekeeping

    • Visit the MakerLabs wiki for information on our policies and procedures:

    •  Reminding about Tool Trello. Tool Sign-Out Process (CNC Bits. & CNC Toolbox (wrenches and key)

Woodshop Update - Adrian

  • Vacuuming comments and Fixes

    • Suggestion Box - The new table saw vacuum isn't very powerful, there's a lot of blow back while cutting. Consider replacing w/ bigger version

    • It only loses suction if the canister is not agitated or it is blocked. So people need to check that lines are clear (check the hose isn’t full of sawdust) and canister agitated by turning the crank on the top 3 or 4 times.. We are going to eventually get a larger or switch the sanding room dust collector so it is attached to the table saw.

    • This instruction will be included in Woodshop 101 classes
    • When will the second vac be fixed? Why don't we have a backup?? (anon)

    • Fixed,

    • Please put some effort into woodshop air vacuums. The hoses are all too short and cause the machines to clog. Stop making it our problem and take some initiative. (anon)

    • Our cleaning schedule is at least twice a week - Monday and Thursday. In between those times members are empowered + encouraged to clear the hoses and change the bags.

  • Table Saw Maintenance

    • Suggestion Box - 1) Re-do the measuring tape on the table saw 2) Find our why the sleds won't slide

    • Both are fixed.

Feedback from Members  - CMs

  • Shop Check-In

  • Address Winterize Spray Booth request

    • Suggestion Box - We need a winterized spray booth. The products cannot cure below 13 degrees C. Either create an indoor booth w/ ventilation or instal heaters outside to plug in (anon)

    • We are not permitted for that, we can’t build it. No economic model for that to make sense.

  • Address Light Box request

    • Suggestion Box - I'd like to build a light booth / corner for members to take photos of small/medium/large finished products. We could use lights we already have here and 60 - 100 sqft of cleared space (Sean H)

    • It is on the wishlist. We can’t guarantee that cleared space.