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2018 - Fall

2018 Fall Town Hall Minutes

  1. Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures
    1. Know the location of:
      1. the extinguishers
      2. exits 
      3. alarm pulls
      4. muster station: parking lot
    2. Know the Emergency Fire Plan
      1. If possible put out the fire
      2. Call 9-1-1
      3. Evacuate the building 
        1. one person does a sweep of each floor to ensure the building is clear
        2. one person grabs the emergency keys at the front desk
      4. Muster in the parking lot
      5. Wait for emergency services, with one person at the front door and one in the alley to intercept the fire department
  1. Policies around fire safety
    1. No space heaters in the wood or metal shop.
    2. Space heaters elsewhere need to be vigilantly monitored and will be confiscated if we find them left on and unattended during closes
    3. No halogen or incandescent light, we like LED
    4. No fuel can be kept indoors. There is a designated area in the West Loading Bay for it
    5. Clean up after using any flammables ( ie. oils, grease )

  2. The MetalLab will reopen mid October.
    Steps to make that happen:
    1. Rearrange metal shop
    2. Move paint from the paint loft
    3. Buy Welder
    4. Install a barrier between the metal shop and CNC room

  3. New Lasercutter & CNC Reservation Policy
    1. We have a booking fee that will be credited towards cutting time during that drop-in time to reduce no-shows and free up more book-able time.
    2. $2.50 / 30 minute of reservation upon booking
    3. Drop-in members pay upon making their reservation
    4. Members will be charged if they do not show up to their bookings

  4. ML Front Desk Stewards & program
    1. We've had this program for over 4 months and is a great success

  5. Women's Maker Residency
    1. We are coming to the end of our 7th month, which means 28 women have been a resident!

  6. MakerLabs Education
    1. Project based courses
    2. Online resource centre will be expanding and updated:
    3. We want to support members to host classes

  7. Short-Term Storage
    1. Reminder to Pay for it & get it approved
    2. We now have a MOOP ( Matter Out of Place ) Map to better keep track of it

  8. Parking - We need your info
    1. Fill out this form if you haven't already:

  9. Cleaning up - leave it better than you found it 
    1. Sinks/Kitchen/Recycling - no oils, no paint, no grease.
    2. We have ordered squeegees to use instead of brooms to minimize kicking up dust, they will have stations to return them to

  10. Feedback/Suggestions from Members - Alyssa/ Derek
    1. Green Roof - city approval road. 
    2. Venus Fly Trap - it isn't warm enough / Fruit Flies in Kitchen - Don't put organic food in a trash without a lid.