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Tools For Women Residency

Overview & Purpose

At MakerLabs we believe in sharing tools and sharing knowledge within our community. We want to promote our labs as a place for everyone and to make sure we stay on track we are inviting 4 women every other month to do a residency here at MakerLabs. This residency is especially about empowering women use tools themselves and to help other women learn. We want to create a community that thrives through member participation to create a long lasting legacy. One month of the residency is dedicated to learning and using the tools and the second month you become a mentor. Whether you are a seasoned maker or you are at the beginning of you making journey we are here to make sure nothing gets in your way. Included in residency
  • MakerLabs membership for 2 months
  • 4 workshop orientations
    • WoodLab 101
    • LaserLab 101
    • CNC Router 101
    • MetalLab 101
  • Studio space
  • Platform to share/exhibit work
  • Guidance
2 months
Cost of residency
$300 + tax + any additional material residents may use
Residency commitment
We expect a minimum of 15 hours a week to be committed to the program.
Residents must be at MakerLabs every Sunday between 3pm - 7pm.
Project legacy
All intellectual property will remain in possession of the resident(s)
Anything built here is the property of the resident
Any documentation can be shared by MakerLabs through our website/social media etc


Questions? Email with the subject TFW question.
Instagram: @toolsforwomen

For Residents


Throughout you have access to the Tools for Women Wordpress & Instagram account. We want one post per week (at least), and you are encouraged to post much more if you want to. You can cross post.

You should be able to attend all Sunday classes in the first month and are available to mentor for all of the second month. If you can't commit enough time to the program, please let us know and we can try to reschedule you for a later month.

Inter/Intra Cohort Communication

Join the Slack Workspace for Tools for Women. You can message each other and there will be a channel for each cohort. You are also free to exchange phone numbers with each other.



  • Take a tour of MakerLabs if you haven't been on one before
  • Sign up for Instagram & Slack and have them downloaded on your phone
  • Make sure you can sign in to the blog (on Wordpress)
  • Write a short blurb on who you are and why you are doing the program and ideally with a photo of your previous work. Post it to Instagram and the blog (include tag: toolsforwomen)

Week 1

LaserLab 101


Book laser time for after you've taken the class.

Engrave a picture (on coaster, jewelry, decoration).

Post Topic: Goals for the two months, something that you want to build, something specific you want to get better at, or something you made that week.

Week 2

WoodLab 101


Work on a small project that should take ~2 hours.

Examples: card holder, penholder, shelf, stand, shoerack, spice rack, frame. You can work either in a group or alone.

Post Topic: your wood or laser project. (include tag: toolsforwomen)

Week 3

CNC Router 101


Use the CNC and use 30 minute consult during the week.

Example projects: plant holder, box, jewelry tray, door stop, stands.

See and search for "cnc/laser" for more ideas and files.

Post Topic: CNC Project or some skill you want to improve on. (include tag: toolsforwomen)

Week 4

MetalLab 101


Pick 1 or 2 "specializations" in a class/tool you like or are comfortable with or want to become comfortable with, because we will tell the new residents to come to you with questions. Prepare something for the Meet-Up.

Post Topic:

Whatever they are doing for their meet-up presentation, experience so far.

Week 5


Meet the new residents & are assigned a Mentee.

Discuss how you want to run the meetup, eg. format, who talks, who to invite, theme, divide tasks/labour, MC.

Post Topic:

Post about your specialization/favourite class or tool. Pictures using that tool. (include tag: toolsforwomen)

Week 6


Meet with your mentee at least once this week. Give them project ideas to use their new skills.

Have social media content finished and posted for the Women's Maker Meetup.

Post Topic:

Reflect on the progress of your goals, or a project you are working on

Week 7


Meet with your mentee again this week. Check in about time management

Create and post second round social media content for the Women's Maker Meetup.

Post Topic:

Something you learnt from your mentee, or something you did together or something you made!

Week 8


Run the Meetup (Showcase what you worked on and what you plan to do after the residency is over) Fill out TFW final survey, clear out your storage space.

Post Topic:

3 pieces of advice to Women Makers/Top 3 Things I learnt.

The Women's Maker Meetup is held on the last Tuesday of every month!