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2D Vector Design 101

A Laptop with Inkscape Installed

1. Set up TV 

2. Intro:
  • Names
  • Does everyone have a laptop with Inkscape on it?
  • Does anyone need a mouse?

3. Topics covered:
    • program for creating and editing vector graphics (like Adobe Illustrator, Corel etc..)
    • open source program = free
    • SVG file format used (Scalable Vector Graphic)
    • great program for:
      • web graphics
      • print projects
      • digital projects 
    • editable by anyone
    • has a diverse community of users
  • SVG
    • An open file format (for creating 2D graphic)
    • Used by other open source and commercial software
    • Includes:
      • Vector
      • Raster
      • Text object
    • Uses XML code to define images
    • Great for web and mobile uses
    • Import & Export graphics in several other programs
  • Vector vs Bitmap
    • Difference between them
    • How they affect the laser: vector and raster images
  • How to use the important icons in Inkscape - go through all important icons in the following bars (see below):
    • Command bar
    • Tool box; focus on
      • Selection tool
      • Node selection tool
      • Rectangle draw tool
      • Circle draw tool
      • Bezier draw tool
      • Text tool
    • Menu bar; focus on 
      • Object menu
      • Path menu
    • Snap bar
    • Colour palette (stick to simple RGB for laser cutting)
    • Status bar
Default Inkscape window.
  • How to prepare files for laser & CNC (needs PDF)
    • Focus on commands for creating "cake topper style" signs for students' names:
        • Text (use a script font so letters will be connected)
        • Object->Path
        • set Fill to none
        • set Stroke to a colour
        • Stroke thickness
        • Outset/Inset path
        • perform Union so it has one solid outline
        • this design can now be laser or CNC cut
  • Trace bitmap

3.  Any questions or special topic requests?