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Fusion 360 101

(Note from Ed: Literally all I did was watch the official  tutorial and follow their syllabus. My class lasted around 3.5 hours and I was kinda rushing so you might want to cut out some parts. I would  cut out the t-spline modelling practice part.)

1. Set up TV

2. Introductions (5 mins)
  • Does anyone need a laptop?
  • Ensure participants have registered as an enthusiast, which gives them a 1 year license (go to their website and download it)
  • Does anyone need a mouse?

3. Fusion 360 features (5 mins)
  • 3D CAD/CAM/CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) in 1 software, cloud-based (saves all your data) and makes collaboration easy
  • Can do assembly and stress test
  • Create engineering drawings of your model
  • Create G-Code on this program
  • View files online 
    • Go into account
    • Open a sample file online
4. User Interface (10 minutes)
  • Model: where most of the action is. Creating sketch, and sculpting
  • Patching: Usually for fixing 3D models
  • CAM: For creating toolpaths
  • Simulation: For CAE or testing
  • On Model:
    • Create is to create solids, or create solids from curves/sketches and create T-Spline forms (or sculpt), when you need a more organic and freeform model
    • Modify: making changes to existing solids
    • Assembles: Specifying different types of joints
    • Sketch: Creating sketches and curves to build your model on
    • Inspect: Measuring, section analysis

5. Sketching (30-45 mins)
  • Sketch Mode
  • Applying constraints
  • Exercise
    • Draw an angled bracket, use:  
      • Line Tool
      • Constraints
      • Sketch Dimensions
      • Right Click shortcut to choose Circle
      • Use S shortcut to choose Fillet
    • Extrude
      • Talk about the variables (direction, operation, extents)
    • Any changes made to sketch will change everything
    • Draw a bike rocker:
      • Create an offset plane
      • Sketch a rocker part, create 3 circles
      • Create a rectangle in the bottom for cutting through later
      • Extrude rocker, 2 side, use extents
      • Use rectangle to cut, all the way to the top
      • Create cylinder on face, extrude partway into the face to cut
      • Extrude one all the way through
  • Questions and Answers

6.  Modelling/Sculpting (30-45 mins)
  • Talk about difference between solid and T-spline (t-spline is for freeform, mathematically calculated curves) 
  • Create a rectangular T-spline
  • Creating a T-spline using profiles (sweep, revolve, loft)
  • Modifying a T-spline using Edit Form:
    • Moving, scaling
    • Creating a new face (hold alt)
    • View using rectangles using ctrl+1, and return using ctrl+3
  • Importing reference image and sculpting
    • Import canvas
    • Create rectangle
    • Sculpt
    • Insert Edge, Insert Point

7.  Exercise: Creating Laser Cut Laptop Stand (60 minutes )
  • Always make Components for diff components